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Mobile monetization is a necessity for any publisher that hopes to maximise their website’s ad revenue.

Did you know that mobile exceeds PC Internet usage?

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In-app ad formats it is next step of mobile monetization

If you have a mobile app, chances are you’ve spent a great deal of time trying to understand how to drive revenue. What are you gonna to do when customers go mobile, but revenue does not?

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Make your site profitable from day one with AdPop, the web’s best pop under ad network. Part of the PopUnder advertising network, AdPop is a better way to do business. Over 100,000 publishers have already joined the popunder ad revolution. Follow their lead to monetize your site or market your products to a captive new audience. Each contextually relevant ad is designed to engage readers, generate click-throughs and monetize traffic
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The AdPop platform provides all Pop formats for advertising to the media and publishing industry. Advertising technologies are developing every year.
The platform is a combination of modern high-end solutions for web and mobile traffic exchange, UX best practices and has opportunities for integration via dynamic API, Open RTB, XML, JavaScript and direct links. It offers a complete web and mobile DSP.
On 01 March 2017, the AdPop platform was updated to integrate another pop format – in-app. Interstitial, pop-under and bottom line are wide open for in-app traffic exchange via the AdPop platform.

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Great content and high traffic are useless on their own. Without an effective means to monetize traffic, all your efforts are in vain. AdPop rewards publishers and makes sure that 100% of their popunder traffic is put to good use.

Mo’ money: on desktop and mobile, wherever and however visitors are accessing your site, we’ll help you boost your revenue and put every click to good use.
Your choice: choose pop under ads that will appeal to your readers. This targeted approach will increase engagement and boost profits.

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It’s tough work trying to make yourself heard on the web. At times it feels like screaming into the wind. What’s an advertiser gotta do to get noticed round these parts? Tell it to AdPop, that’s what. Whisper it in our ear and we’ll amplify your message and transmit it to the masses via our vast display network of popads. Less hollers and more dollars? That’s AdPop.
Reach out: with over unlimited amount of daily impressions, AdPop will get eyes on your pop under ads. Maximize your visibility, boost brand recognition and drive sales via a steady stream of popunder traffic.

Track everything: our advanced conversion tracking and optimization puts the power in your hands. With AdPop, you call the shots. We’re the best pop under ad network for a reason.

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